Some matrimonial family herstory

Virginia Coleman had five husbands. Not simultaneously, though many suspect an overlap between at least two. These stories get muddled through the years, and the strange details of Virginia’s five husbands, apart from their number, remains obscure.



What does it mean to find happiness? Is happiness the opposite of sadness? Does happily ever after exist? As someone who struggled with bouts of depression and anxiety for many years, I convinced myself that if only I could achieve A, B, or C, I would defeat my depression and…

Diary of an impractical hen keeper

I self-identify as a farmer. I have a farmer hat, two pairs of wellies, and a compost pile. Others might call me a pseudo farmer or a hobby chicken-keeper who incidentally grows spectacular tomatoes. I call myself a chicken farmer. I acquired my enthusiasm for farming in late middle age…

A Bereavement in Derry

The dream starts with a sense of embarrassment. We walk along the pavement in San Cristobal, making our way back to the hostel before the afternoon rains hit. He’s laden with a rucksack, and the back of his blue corduroys are slipping down his hips. Children giggle and point to…

Elizabeth O'Nuanain

I’m a sporadic writer; photographer; keeper of one dog; two cats and six hens; an abuse survivor; chronic pain sufferer and liberal user of semi-colons.

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